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NOTIFICATION, February 24, 2022

Our InscriptiFact Digital Library may suddenly come down without prior notice, either because our equipment has permanently crashed beyond reclamation or because USC has been forced to shut down access in order to protect its overall cybersecurity. USC has updated its new security requirements and our systems are not yet compliant. We are working diligently to provide compliance with these new security requirements and we may be able to upgrade our hardware and software sufficiently to meet these new standards. This would extend our ability to distribute images for a period of time.

In the short-term, we therefore advise you to download images you will need for the immediate future with all deliberate speed. We wish to emphasize that access to the archive of images currently on InscriptiFact will not be impeded on a longer-term basis. The images on InscriptiFact are in the process of being migrated to the University of Southern California Digital Repository, and we expect that they will be available in some form through the USC Digital Library, although many of the search functions, as found in InscriptiFact, will be circumscribed. As soon as we know about access through that venue, we will alert all InscriptiFact users and give them instructions for access.

The InscriptiFact Team





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